Saturday, September 22, 2007

Volunteer: Help Put Question X on the Ballot

QUESTION X is the following single-sentence question for voters to vote YES or N0:

"Shall the state representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of a proposal to amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to replace the state Legislature with 100 randomly selected adult residents of the Commonwealth, each serving a one year term, to be called the Commonwealth Jury and to have all the legislative and other powers of the current Legislature?"

Question X will appear as Question #5 in the 25th Middlesex (Somerville) state representative district in the November 2008 election.


Please contact me at if you would like to help campaign for this question (it is Question #4 in Somerville in the November 2008 election) or get Question X on the 2010 ballot in YOUR state representative district. It takes only 200 signatures to make it happen.

Thank you!

John Spritzler
8 Chiswick Rd. #5
Brighton, MA 02135

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea and would like to help collect signatures to put Question X on the ballot. James